Emergency Preparedness


Are you prepared?  Have you developed a family or personal communication plan to follow during a disaster?  Often times during a large scale disaster local phone service may be interrupted, however it is still possible to phone out of state friends or family.  It is recommended that everyone have an out of state contact that you share your family or personal plan with.  That contact can then relay information regarding your situation to others that want to know your status.  Several emergency response agencies put together a guide to serve as a resource for emergency preparedness information for families and individuals.  The Guide is available in several languages (see below).  NOTE:  You will need a PDF Reader to open the Guide.  If you do not have a PDF Reader, select the "Get Adobe Reader" Button.  Get Adobe Reader


  Paratransit Inc. has played an active role in disaster preparedness and response since 1986 with an emphasis on senior/vulnerable populations.  We have coordinated with Sacramento County OES staff, assisting to develop evacuation plans, table-top, and full-scale training exercises with a focus on movement of vulnerable populations, accessible evacuation collection points, as well as shelter sites able to accommodate both seniors and disabled.

 Paratransit Inc. is included in the Sacramento County Evacuation Plan, re-drafted and published in 2007, noted as a key transportation provider to be utilized during any and all disaster scenarios requiring evacuation of “vulnerable populations”.

Paratransit Inc.’s driving staff is trained annually on disaster preparedness, both personal and work related. During training sessions the driving staff is provided expectations as to their role in disaster scenarios and refresher training on how to work in conjunction with first responders to facilitate the evacuation of vulnerable populations in Sacramento County and surrounding areas.

Paratransit Inc. staff actively participated in the development of training materials for care providers of the senior and disabled population under the guidance of Sacramento County’s Human Service Coordinating Council’s subcommittee addressing disaster preparedness for vulnerable populations.

Paratransit Inc. has been awarded Prop 1B funding from the California Emergency Management Administration (CALEMA) for the purchase of a Mobile Incident Command Center to accommodate business continuity should an event require evacuation of the administration facility.  The command center allows operations to relocate out of harms way and continue to provide needed services for the community and first responders during a disaster.

Coordinated vehicle usage
Vehicles are transferred and/or loaned to other agencies serving the senior, disabled and low income communities.

CTSA (Consolidated Transportation Service Agency) partners are provided back up vehicles to prevent transportation service delays when the fleet equipment is scheduled for maintenance or inspection.  The use of these vehicles is coordinated with multiple agencies.

Coordinated driver training:
Paratransit provides Vehicle Operator training to agencies conducting human services transportation.

Coordinated Maintenance:
Fleet maintenance services are available through our state of the art maintenance department staffed with ASE certified mechanics.

Vehicle insurance:
Insurance is available for non-profit community partners.

Shared dispatch and scheduling:
Paratransit provides shared use of their scheduling and dispatch system with partner agencies.

Coordination Plans:
Inventory existing transportation resources and develop coordination opportunities and plans for agencies needing or seeking assistance.

Fleet inventory for vulnerable populations requiring accessible transportation during disasters:
An Inventory of existing transportation resources available for accessible services during a disaster requiring evacuation.



Here are websites that you may find helpful resources in preparing yourself and your family for disasters:                                                                                                                                                                                                       


National Association of the Deaf